me with open arms written: become the best version of you

What's your issue?

Are you struggling emotionally? Do you feel anxious, frustrated or depressed? ~•~ Do you have OCD, ADHD and you can't control your mind? ~•~ Do you think you are not good enough? ~•~ Do you feel unworthy and suffer from lack of confidence? ~•~ Do you have a strong inner critic and struggle with negative thinking? ~•~ Do you struggle to trust yourself? ~•~ Do you feel sad or angry? ~•~ Do you feel shame or guilt? ~•~ Do you feel blocked or stuck and are desperate for some clarity?

Focus on You!

We all have been through some traumas or abuse. We all have been feeling anxious or depressed at some point in our life. We all have been struggling emotionally and we will always be in some ways. This is normal, it's called being human. If the emotional pain, though, is persistent and your life is deprived of joy and peace because of that, then it's time to take action and do something to heal. Be courageous !!! and decide to look at the shadows, look at what is bothering you, look at the wounds you carry and put some light onto them.

How it works

I gently, yet powerfully guide you through a transformational journey of self healing and self love. I use EFT (Tapping) to rapidly reduce the emotional charge of painful memories and other powerful techniques like NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Mindfulness to access deeper levels of your unconscious mind where all the traumas reside. I will help you change the perception and the memory stored in your mind so healing can happen.

what is EFT

EFT or Tapping is a powerfully method to rapidly reduce the emotional impact of memories that trigger emotional distress. It's an effective technique used to address also addictions, physical pains, emotional traumas considering the cause of all negative emotions as a disruption in the energy system.

what is NLP

NLP is a powerful methodology that helps individuals to overcome limiting beliefs, change habits, resolve conflicts, and transform painful memories. It involves understanding how language, behavior, and thought patterns impact our experiences and outcomes, and using specific techniques to make positive changes in those patterns.

what you can expect

I use EFT and NLP to help you identify and overcome negative emotions, self-imposed limitations, reprogram your mind with new empowering beliefs and behaviours, and create positive change in your life. I assist you in connecting to your higher self and see life from a different, more empowering prospective.

When working with me, you can achieve personal growth, transform your mind, heal your wounds and achieve your desired outcomes.Touching your wounds, getting closer to your shadows, feeling the pain is something that can  be scary. I know that, I appreciate that, I have been through it myself.


Struggling emotionally can be very overwhelming too. It can't be worse than duelling in the sickness, staying in the chaos and living in the distress of your wounded self.

the choice is yours

You have already reached the bottom...from now onwards, if you choose so... you can only rise up!

want to know more?

If you feel inspired to take some actions and if you think that taking a healing journey with me is what you need, then  just follow your intuition and what feels good for you.

My Transformational Healing PLAN

My "Awakening to Your True Self" transformational healing plan consists of a package of 5 x 90 mins sessions.

We will work with your unconscious mind and create audio files tailored to your specific needs that will start a rewiring process in your mind. The way I work access your unconscious mind, tap to your inner resources, connect to your body feelings. It is a form of spiritual energy psychology so it differs from the traditional psychotherapy approaches which may be more a sort of talking therapy.

What are the results that you will get from working with me?

✨heal painful emotions of the past bringing you back to peace
✨release fear and change beliefs that keep you stuck
✨become in control of your emotional and mental activity
✨release anxiety and have tools to manage stress
✨start to learn how to love and accept yourself unconditionally
✨ignite your spiritual awakening
✨connect with your purpose in life

Additional information


The Plan includes:

  • 5 x 90 minutes healing sessions
  • 1 subconscious mind reprogramming audio file tailored for you
  • regular support through whatsapp or email
  • 1 bonus meditation for self esteem


If you have any further questions and want to know more in details about how my service can benefit you, please reach out and claim your FREE 30 minutes call with me. It will be my absolute pleasure to clarify and meet your needs.