Enlightenment and Letting Go

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I choose the power of my own consciousness as a vehicle for my growth.

I practice spirituality in my own way. Rather than accepting limits or dogmas that tell me what I should or should not be, I learn how to embrace a more enlightened state of being through simple practice such as gratitude, compassion and self-love.

(credits ~Soulful Woman cards)

We have just entered FALL, the season of dropping and letting go.

From now till the end of the year, it's the perfect time to clear the path from limiting beliefs and blockages you carry from the past thus freeing some space up for WHO you want to become in 2024.


Think for a moment, how do you want to clear your path?



I'll share what happened 2 days ago: I felt drawn to open my wardrobe and gather all the clothes that I was not wearing anymore with the intention to clear them and give them to charity. This need came in really strongly... the need to get rid of something I was holding on, which was occupying space and that I didn't even like.

we all need to empty ourself and create some space....some space for the NEW to come.

We all have to do it, on an energetic level too.


We need to let go of something in order for the new to come in, that's how it works.


Sometimes it may feel as a grieving process, it felt for me when I chose to let go of the old version of myself to embrace my new me. It felt like a grieving, a part of me that have been with me for so long, had to go, had to die... for the new me to be born.

I'll tell you it's not an easy process, there is sadness and resistance to that.


But it is necessary!


Life is a giving and a receiving, it's a flow, and when this flow of Love get blocked for some reasons in our relationships with our parents, relatives, partners... it's when pain, traumas and wounds are created.

I invite you to think about this in your meditation:

what is holding you back to your full happiness?

what is blocking you?

what is limiting your greatness?


and ultimately, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO LET GO?


I'll leave you to think about it and if you need support, please reach out. Asking for help is not being weak, it's being courageous enough to wanting to see the truth and follow the light guiding you out of the tunnel.

with love and light,

Cinzia x


I'm a certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Integrated Energy Practitioner, Energy Field Healer, Holistic Massage Therapist, Hatha Yoga Teacher with a wealth of experience in helping people heal the root causes of their issues and get free from pain.

I help you heal from childhood traumas that are the root cause of feelings of unworthiness, lack of self-confidence, and self-esteem. I use energy psychology techniques like EFT to overcome negative emotions and NLP to reprogram your subconscious mind so you can love and accept yourself for who you truly are.