Manifesting workshop

My new Free Manifesting Workshop

on 16th February at 6pm (GMT) is an opportunity for you to learn some techniques that support the creation of your desires.

I will share with your what I have learnt in my own personal growth and the wisdom gathered from many teachers I have encoutered.

We are always creating our reality either we realize it or not, either we are aware of it or not.

I will help you become CONSCIOUS cretaors as we are meant to create our reality and fulfill our desires.

We are meant to be who we want to be and do what inspires us. We are meant to follow our heart ‘s desires and remove all the obstacles and limitations we put on ourself. We are meant to evolve in consciousness and step into our best version, moment by moment.

We are meant to blossom and we deserve all that make us feel good.

We are meant to shine and be happy.

Anything else …. it’s just lessons, challenges, opportunities to open our heart and crack it open from the inside… to finally see the truth of who we are.  Beautiful, marvellous, amazing, powerful and loving beings. Divine, energy eternal beings in human forms.

The Manfiesting process is a process of introducing the vertical element (spiritual) to the orizontal one (human), introducing the idea that we are not alone in this process as we can access a power much greater than our physical self. We can access our higher self which is conneccted to source, to all that is.

We can tap to that higher power and by aligning to it we can become powerful and conscious creators.

Join me on zoom. One hour together and you will leave with an audio recording that you can listen to every day to keep you in alignment with the frequency of your desire.


5 Intro

25 manifesting principles, steps, practice

10 guided meditation for connection and alignment with Source (heaven and earth)

10 PRACTICE: create your manifesting audio recording

10 Q&A

Register by clicking to the link in my bio

It’s on Thursday 16th February at 6pm (GMT) 1 hour on zoom

Think of something you want to manifest. Come with a note book and your desire.

Click now, reserve your spot and see you live for the real fun !!!!!åå