Welcome to my "Sparkle your Self-Love" Workshop

To get ready for this time together, please have a notebook and a pen near you, a glass of water and good internet connection.

Please allow yourself to be undisturbed while watching the workshop and thanks again for taking the time for yourself to grow and expand your inner light.

After watching it.... There are 2 STEPS to take ... to carry on the activation of the spark done through the workshop.

WATCH the video and READ below...


From today onwards.... DO LISTEN to your upbeat, uplifting, "SELF LOVE" audio recording EVERY DAY to inspire you and get energised and excited by your own commitment to LOVE yourself!!!

Be curious and open to experience miracles as you stay on track and practice listening to it without stopping... shortly you will see the results... DO IT! and FEEL IT!

Now it's the moment to anchor and ground and set up your intention to radically be in charge of your change which starts from choosing to FEEL GOOD !!! no matter what... and making "FEELING GOOD" your PRIORITY from now on.

It's something you can learn and it comes easier the more you practice it.


Start your day by choosing to spend some minutes every day to sit quietly and take relaxing breaths. Tune in with your light within and let it grow and expand... Then tune in and visualise a light poring down to you from above .... drink in more light... sit in light and fill yourself up.. dedicate some time every day to sit and let the light in.. by doing so you are tapping into higher frequency.... you are tuning into your higher self... who just wants for you the best!!! YOUR BEST !!!!

I have recorded my "upbeat ~ uplifting Self-Love" audio file.

It's my gift for you

Listen to it and be inspired, feel the vibe and keep it high


There is a STEP 3, if you want to take it a bit further.

In order to support you even further... I have created a MINI COURSE... it's called...

"Living Life in Alignment"

The course consists of 4 x 10 minutes videos and 4 x workbooks

  •  What is Alignment
  •  4 x Breathing exercises
  •  EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique
  •  Prayer & Meditation

In the FIRST video, you will understand what alignment means, how to overcome limiting beliefs and judgment and how to tap into positive thoughts and positive feelings.

The SECOND will teach you 4 breathing exercises each with a different function: to energise the system, to calm and relax it, to strengthen it, to cleanse and purify it. Breathing is underestimated but it is the most powerful tool we have to expand our energy field (aura) and strengthen our nervous system.

The THIRD video will teach you the EFT techniques which is an amazing technique to release negative emotions, calm the nervous system and rise your vibrations tapping into higher energy frequencies (your higher selves). It also includes a tapping practice to strengthen your connection to Source.

The FOURTH video will guide you through meditation, prayer and visualisation exercises to help you align with your desires. Meditation, prayers, and affirmations are amazingly powerful as practicing reinforces your statements, affirm core beliefs, strengthen positive intentions and fortify faith in yourself.

It will be an amazing support to the work done during the workshop.


By taking this mini-course, you will be able to learn some tools to practice every day, establish a daily routine and live a more aligned and fulfilling life.

CLICK below to know more...

Enjoy your beautiful Self-Love journey!!!

I am here to help you

with love and light

Cinzia x