I am very proud of my courageous clients for wanting to feel good and taking a healing journey with me
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My experience with working with Cinzia was one of the most healing, positive and helpful experiences of my life. She ALWAYS made me feel better after the end of our session, no matter how difficult the topic we dealt with was. I'm so incredibly grateful that I've met her, and that she taught me so much. She inspired my spiritual awakening and my connection to my Higher Self. I felt immediately connected and comfortable with her as well. I wish her the best, because she deserves it ❤️🙏 Click the photo to see the full video

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your listening, your care, your messages in between sessions that it shows that you care. You are the perfect person to help others and I feel like you do this so passionately, you are so passionate about it, helping others and I feel like this is not just work for you but like a mission, a purpose in life. It really means a lot and I am really happy that I've found you because I feel like it was meant to be, that you can help me. Click the photo to see the full video

These 5 days journey has been so transformative. I conveyed my issues regarding lack of my ability to trust myself, having that comparison energy, not feeling good enough. Her passion and her desire to help and heal others is conveyed through her work and this is something that has helped me to heal as well. Every session took me so much closer. If you are having any issue that you would want to get resolved or get cleared out of the system, she is the go to person because she knows how to hold space and then introduces a variety of tools to dig in deeper and just clear it out of the system for once and for all. Click the photo to see the full video

Thank you very much for the wonderful EFT sessions. In just a few sessions, we were able to work through one of the most traumatic moments of my life. I freed myself from the emotions of the past and was finally able to feel peace within myself. You helped me to love and accept that part of myself that I constantly ignored and didn't want to see. I want to note the dedication and efforts that you made to help me in each session. I felt really safe, and I felt how carefully and with love you guided me through all my experiences and emotions, so I could release them and could feel more alive and happy (and these feeling are still staying with me).

Your ability to create and hold a safe place while working with emotional challenges helped me greatly to be open and overcome the difficulties. I felt listened to and understood every time. Your gentle yet very powerful way of working with EFT feels very comforting and soothing without exception. I would definitely recommend your sessions to anybody. Your work's impact on my life is amazing!

I really want to thank you from the bottom of my hear for your positive vibes. Your body language and your smile make me feel better and change my mood and then you start to understand my situation and help me with tapping and it works like magic. It really changes the emotional and traumatic level from high to low instantly. Your sessions really give me boost and energy and they help me a lot. Once again thanks for your sessions and your vibes and energy boundleness.

I trust and respect Cinzia’s expertise as an EFT practitioner. She is one of the most skilful tappers I have come across. She is a loving, kind and focused ally to have on your side when exploring the depths of human experience through tapping. She knows how to safely steer the boat over stormy waters to the other side with amazing capability and ease.

It was such an amazing experience to have EFT session with Cinzia , that focus on accepting the emotional and psychological state and get healing from it spiritually and physically. Hope this is the not last time dealing with you Cinzia because I would like to learn new things from you in the near future.

Hi everyone, I'm Camilla, with so many childhood traumas, so many psychologists behind me who have only worked on my conscious mind, not 100% solving my problems.
The path I followed with Cinzia helped me a lot in working on my subconscious and my emotions, sometimes even having sessions of 2 hours if necessary... when the time limit was an hour and a half. This makes it clear that she really cares about your recovery and improvement!
My greatest results are the daily work on myself thanks to the techniques received from Cinzia to remind me how much I am worth and how much I deserve to feel good by loving and choosing myself every day.
I felt listened to by Cinzia, fully understood in a short time… we only had 5 sessions, once a month of an hour and a half (sometimes two) in video call and after each session I had a different conception of my life and new tools to improve it thanks to Cinzia.
I understood that no one saves you if you don't really want to save yourself. By working hard and practicing Cinzia's "self love" advice every day and by really loving and choosing yourself every day you will see that everything else will come by itself.
Thank you Cinzia for the wonderful journey together, for helping me get better I feel I am in the process of healing! Aware of my potential and putting your techniques into practice every day I know that I will soon arrive at total healing or: LOVING and CHOOSING ME every day.

Covid came along and it deeply affected me because I was isolated working from home, I thought I need to do something about this unease that I'm feeling of isolation of frustration and not being able to interact with other people. Then I I came across her profile and she was definitely listed as one of the top energy healers. I knew that's what I wanted because I'm a spiritual person I'm looking for holistic treatments.

When I first met Cinzia I was very much taken by her positivity, her energy, her excitement, her enthusiasm to really take this healing to another level and I really found it very very beneficial for me. We would have EFT sessions and slowly but surely would remove layers of frustration or inadequacy or so-called inadequacy and she would help realign me to my higher self to show me that at the end of the day we are Divine beings and that we need to tap into that true essence of who we truly are.

So essentially what she did she allowed me to connect with myself and since then my life was actually taken on new levels so what I mean by that is I'm definitely feeling more in control of my life. I practice EFT actually every evening before I go to bed and I'm realising that I'm more in control of my life so my finances are getting better and my health is getting better and my relationships are getting better. Everything's getting better and the reason they're getting better is because I'm embracing and reconciling the stuff that was going on in my mind and I'm basically reconciling it with my higher self.

I want to share with you the experience of Cinzia, the grace of Cinzia and her very strong savviness in promoting this technique and really helping you shift those unwanted layers of frustration or whatever that may be and to help you realise that this lady is just amazing so please have a look at her profile and I could not recommend her enough because she has really helped me move to to new levels  in my life and I feel that my life now it is shifting in a direction I wanted to move in.

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gratitude for the positive feedbacks from my clients and their success healing stories