I am Cinzia and I have followed my true passion for healing and I am a specialist in Emotional and Physical Wellbeing through the practice of Yoga, Mindfulness and different Energy Psychology Techniques I use in my sessions. I have qualified in different holistic therapies: EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, Yoga, Holistic Massage, Energy Field Healing.

I have dedicated all my life to self healing and self love and I have learnt how we are all connected; how all is energy and how our body, mind and spirit are not separated entities. By accessing one we are accessing the others too and we can all find balance, harmony and peace within, we only need to know how.

My healing journey started at 9 years old when my mum passed away in a car accident and I got lost in my own personal dark night of the soul.

Through my curiosity and determination to free myself from the pain I felt within, I have been able to experience, heal, grow and expand thus connecting me to my natural healing skills. I am now fulfilling my deep desire to assist others like me, who are ready to embark on a journey of authenticity and truth.

I have started my career as an Energy Field Healer then Holistic Massage Therapist and my passions guided me to Yoga (Integral Hatha Yoga, Special Yoga for children, Yoga and Mindfulness for children with Autism and ADHD, Laughter Yoga) and ultimately to a qualification in Integrated Energy Techniques (EFT, NLP, Hypnotherapy) to address the root cause of emotional issues and to work with the unconscious mind.

I serve my clients with EFT/NLP sessions and Yoga practices with the aim of helping peel the layers that separate them from their truth, their already perfect self thus little by little assisting them in awakening to their peace. My motto has always been: “Peace begins with Me” and with this same intention I am assisting my clients in finding their peace too.

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