Boost Employee Wellness with Corporate Wellbeing Workshops


I collaborate with Creative Wellness as a Senior Teacher and Events Coordinator to promote Corporate Wellbeing. Nowadays employee wellbeing has become a top priority for the organisations. With the pressures of daily life, it's no surprise that burnout, decreased productivity, and low morale are all too common. Stress is number one killer in our society and having some tools to be able to manage it and self-regulate has become a life long essential skill.

Combining yoga stretching, breathwork, meditation and mindfulness practices your employees will gain invaluable tools to reduce stress, recharge their batteries, and achieve a healthier work-life balance.

At Creative Wellness we offer different practices either workplace or online (yoga, meditation, mindfulness, pilates) and you can choose the length you prefer (30 mins, 45 mins, 60 mins). Check Corporate Yoga London or contact me to know more about regular weekly classes, one-off sessions, wellness workshops and corporate events.


The Rising Importance of Corporate Wellbeing Programs

More and more employers understand that investing in the holistic wellbeing of their workforce is a strategic decision.

Considerable scientific evidence and research has demonstrated numerous benefits of yoga, mindfulness and meditation in many aspects of life; from stress reduction and pain management, to better sleep, improved focus and concentration, increased happiness, more clarity and confidence.

Furthermore, companies that prioritise employee wellness experience a host of benefits, including improved mental and physical health among staff and increased collaboration and improved empathy.

What to Expect in My Corporate Wellbeing Workshop

  • Guided yoga and stretching to release physical tension
  • Breathwork exercises to calm the mind and improve focus
  • Mindfulness meditations to cultivate present moment awareness
  • Deep relaxation and stress management techniques


Corporate Wellbeing Workshop

During my Wellbeing Workshop participants will be guided through simple exercises, like breathing, yoga poses, mindfulness and deep relaxation experiencing the benefits of these practices.

This session will also address how stress affects our life, how our nervous system responds and it is an opportunity to learn new techniques to bring more peace and calm during stressful situations with practical solutions to use both in the office and at home. 

No prior experience is needed and everyone is welcome.

More information on Mindfulness here


Becky Gumbiti-Zimuto - Student & Operations Assistant - Teesside University London

We had Cinzia in for our students at Teesside University. All that came out of her sessions was amazing reviews and positivity! She took an influx of students not all sure about Meditation and left them with some amazing tips. They as well as felt relaxed and positive during their class days! I cannot recommend and thank Cinzia and Michaela for all their amazing hard work and we can't wait to book with Creative Wellness again!


Lindsay Brightwell - Senior Product Manager | UK SMB Financing - Amazon

We hosted a Mental Health Day and leveraged Creative Wellness's services for Laughter Yoga, Sound Healing, Switching Off, and Deep Relaxation sessions. The speakers (Mel, Francisco, and Cinzia) were incredibly knowledgeable on the topics and provided tactical ways our participants could take care of mental health on a daily basis. We have received positive feedback from all that atttended! Thank you team for a wonderful day and reminding us about what is important 🙂


Sabrina Smith - Senior Marketing Manager EMEA & APAC Fluent Commerce

Cinzia came to our office last week to give a wellness session to our team as part of an activity day. Thoroughly recommend Cinzia and Corporate Yoga London - Creative Wellness. Cinzia made it interactive, fun and relaxing all at the same time! Cinzia was accommodating to the timings we had and altered the class according to our schedule. We've had great feedback from the team and built great memories! Thanks again


Richard Brook - Creative Wellness Director and Founder

As head of a corporate wellness business, I’ve been working with Cinzia since 2020 and during that time she has delivered outstanding quality to my clients. Cinzia doesn’t just have a fabulous, engaging demeanour and personality but she also has great range and depth to connect with the participants across a broad spectrum. From alleviating and soothing the stresses in fast paced environments to bringing joyful uplifting sessions on company away days. In addition to these tremendous practical attributes, Cinzia delivers first class workshops and seminars fusing together wellness information with where applicable practical exercises. These workshops take extremely valuable wellness principles and techniques around switching off and understanding our own for rest and rejuvenation.  She presents them in an accessible and motivating manner to participants. I wholeheartedly recommend Cinzia’s teaching.


Francesco Minio - Tower Hamlets Community Housing

It was very nice getting to know Cinzia. All of our staff in the office was very happy about both of the session that we had ( chair yoga and mindfulness). We definitely recommend it and we actually have already booked them in for another session!


Bryan Letourneau - The Blackstone Group International Partners LLP

Cinzia came to my office to host a 45 minute beginner yoga class. She was professional, charismatic, and made the class fun. Cinzia also coordinated a large order of mats to rent. The whole process was seamless and I would highly recommend her for other corporate events.


Events Co-ordinator ~ Institute of Physics

Thank you Cinzia for coming to our offices to host an amazing yoga session! She made sure the class was accessible to people at different experience levels, had incredible energy and made sure everyone was having fun.

Prioritise Employee Wellness Today

Don't let stress, burnout, and unease hold your team back.

Not only at Creative Wellness we do yoga and meditation but we also offer a wider range of wellness activities to support wellbeing in the workplace like, pilates, tai chi, desk massage and more...

Contact me or Richard at Creative Wellness to know all about our services and to explore customised wellness programming that will elevate your employees' holistic wellbeing and drive success across your organisation.