Me ~ Empowering You to Heal and Blossom

I realised I needed to manage my critical negative mind and learn how to love myself. Everything started when I became aware that in order to feel better I needed to learn how to love myself unconditionally. I know from my personal experience that the healing journey requires looking at the shadows, healing the traumas, and learning how to dis-identify from the pain. As a result, my aim is to help you access your resources, living a life free of burdens from the past and being able to experience joy and inner peace. Healing the pain and Feeling good is possible !


I am Cinzia EFT practitioner and Spiritual Healing Coach. Always curious to learn more and expand my experience in the holistic field, I began my professional journey by becoming a certified Energy Field Healer, a qualified Holistic Massage Therapist, a qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher and then a Coach. I did train in EFT, Integrated Energy Techniques, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy. I have a wealth of experience in helping people heal the root causes of their issues and get free from the pain. Within weeks they feel empowered and whole without having to go through long-term therapy. Deeply passionate about my work, my ultimate goal is to help you blossom and awaken to your radiance.

My story

My healing journey began when I was 9 years old. One evening in February I got the news that my mum passed away in a car accident. It was a shock! I remember I cried a bit and then I said to myself that 'I had to be strong'. From that point, life carried on business as usual. No grieving. No talking of mum in the family. No processing ... mum became a taboo! The silent pain started to show up in different forms as anxiety, negative thinking, severe inner critic, depression and feelings of not being good enough. I pretty soon realised that in order to feel better I needed to learn how to love myself unconditionally. I was determined to feel better and be free. I became interested in all sorts of self-healing practices, read loads of self-help books and I have been drawn to an empowering healing journey.


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While dealing with my grief, I was not given space to process the trauma until I decided to learn how to love myself, get free from that pain and I went through my own spiritual awakening.

I have been dealing with all sort of emotional pain that created me a deep sense of anxiety. I have been through grief, depression, sadness, guilt, judgment, self sabotage, inner critic, not feeling good enough, unworthiness.

I was determined to find my way out and I was not keen to go through long term traditional psychotherapy.

After only a few sessions with a cognitive practitioner I was ready for my solo journey. I have understood that I did create that critical part within myself and as I had created it, I could make it smaller if I wanted to. That was enough for me to guide me further and prompt me even more on my spiritual awakening.

Through my experience and my journey I have been able heal, grow and expand my spiritual and natural healing skills and I am now able to guide you on a path towards happiness.

My intention is to help you quickly and effectively come to a place of joy and peace within.

I'll offer to you my 40 years of personal inner deeper work, healing, experience, knowledge, intuitions, study, skills, personal spiritual practice .... all to you to facilitate your healing and awakening. 

Real happiness, true happiness, the kind of happiness that is not based on external things but roots down deep inside of you.

You can't be truly happy if you don't address the shadows and the pain that you carry form the past. Peace and joy are your birth right! They are available for you and my mission is to guide you and show you how to achieve them.

If you wish to embark on a journey of healing, authenticity and truth I am the right person for you.

Call me, let me know your issues, and if you feel you can trust me and trust my ability to support you, but still have some doubts then just ask yourself:

1) What will it cost me if you would never solve this problem? 2) how does my life look like if I don't change anything now? 3) what does stop me to achieve what I truly want? and 4) what is the very first step that I can take to get closer to what I truly desire? 

Self healing is a courageous act. It's an act of self love. You have to be brave enough to face your shadows knowing that happiness is on the other side. You have to be willing enough to wanting to be happy. Once you say "yes I am ready for it!" then I am here to guide you and show you the way and to keep you safe along the journey.

Know and be open to the idea that you have been guided here, to my page, even to read until the end now.

I am here for you, I am reaching my hands out to grab you.. so... if you want... reach out too... grab it ....and I will help you set you free.

Freedom is a choice, happiness is a choice. Make your wise self-love choice.

Wishing you Love and Light,

Cinzia x

~ other services I offer ~


In addition to my coaching services, I partner with Creative Wellness, a London-based organization that provides workplace wellness services through yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and wellness workshops.

My wellness workshops incorporate practical activities such as gentle movement, yoga stretches, breathing exercises, EFT, and mindfulness practices. Participants are actively involved and benefit greatly from the positive impact on their mental and physical state, leaving the workshop feeling refreshed, happier, and relaxed.

I conclude the session with a Q&A and provide in-depth information on the causes of stress, its impact on the body, and effective tools to combat stress and anxiety in the workplace.



As part of my commitment to serve the community, I work with The Mulberry Centre, a London-based charity that provides support to individuals affected by cancer. In my role, I offer Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) sessions to emotionally support patients and their caregivers. These sessions help alleviate stress and anxiety and empower patients on their journey. EFT is a highly effective tool, known for its simplicity and ability to quickly bring about a sense of calm and balance.

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you can choose too

If you feel that my words resonate with you ~ if you think that my service is right for you ~ if you have had enough of being in pain ~ if you are determined to heal ... then we may be a good match and don't hesitate to reach out and claim your FREE 30 minutes discovery call!