Manifest Your Heart's Desires: How to Manifest Workshop

Learn Powerful Techniques on How to Manifest and How to Become a Conscious Creator

Are you ready to start consciously creating the life you truly want? In this manifesting workshop, I'll share transformative methods to help you manifest your deepest desires.

We are all naturally powerful creators who shape our reality through our thoughts, beliefs and vibrational frequency. However, most of us do this unconsciously through limiting beliefs, fears and attachments to past experiences.

My workshop will guide you to become an intentional, conscious creator in full alignment with your highest self and Source energy.

Learn How to Manifest and How to:

Identify and Release Limiting Beliefs

The first step is to uncover and transform the disempowering beliefs holding you back from your desired reality. If you need private support with releasing these limitations and opening to new possibilities you can join my 1:1 EFT program and we can transmute your blocks together.

Get Clear on Your Heart's True Desires

Not all desires are created equal. I'll help you discern which desires come from your ego's fears and attachments versus those arising from your authentic, spiritual self. You'll get clear on the aligned desires to focus your powerful manifestation energy.

Tap Into Your Divine Creative Power

You'll learn to shift your vibration, connect with Source, and utilize spiritual laws and principles to become a powerful, conscious creator. Specific manifesting tools like visualisation, meditation, and scripting will be shared.

Take Inspired Action and Allow

While manifesting involves working with energy and vibration, inspired action is also key. You'll understand how to take divinely guided steps while allowing your desires to unfold with ease and grace.

You'll leave equipped with a unique manifesting audio recording attuned to your specific desires. Listen daily to accelerate your manifestations!

Why Learn How to Manifest?

Creating from this heightened state of consciousness allows you to:

  • Become the master of your destiny instead of an unconscious reactor
  • Experience more abundance, joy, fulfillment and inner peace
  • Live in integrity with your highest self and spiritual truth
  • Impact the world in bigger ways through your energetic resonance

Whether you want to manifest love, financial freedom, your dream career or simply more presence, this workshop will provide a solid foundation.

Join me to unlock your divine creative power!

Below you can download the MANIFESTING AFFIRMATIONS (to be recorded) and the MANIFESTING PLAN.

There is a lot in it, so allow yourself to get what resonates most with you and leave the rest that doesn't.

Becoming a greater version of yourself takes time and patience.

Be kind with yourself 💛



Below the time logs of the different sections so you can better navigate the video.

00:00:00 INTRO AND FOUNDATION ( universal laws, thoughts and emotions, conscious VS unconscious mind) 

00:20:08 DESIRE (spirit vs ego) 

00:28:08 PRACTICE _BECOME ONE ( identify with the desire, full immersion, I am AS IF, current reality VS desired reality) 

00:39:47 PRACTICE _DETOX ( change the beliefs you think about yourself, face, transform, alchemise and release fears and limitations) 

00:47:15 RELAX, TAKE INSPIRED ACTIONS and TRUST the process 

00:50:26 VALIDATION of positive and negative experiences 

00:54:21 AFFIRMATIONS RECORDING ( text in the comments)


01:01:00 Q&A 

01:07:00 MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of moving from current state (sadness/ lack ) to desire state ( peace/presence)


To support your daily practice I have created a manifesting PLAN explaining the process more in details including a meditation script and a guide plan 😉!

When we change our thoughts and the beliefs we have about ourself, we can create a different reality. It all begins in the mind! Our reality is a mirror of our dominant vibrational frequency!!! and if we want to change something in our life, we must start by changing the frequency we emit. We are vibration so by knowing it, you can start creating with awareness.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we always create... as we are already powerful creators... the idea that I invite you to to do it by intentionally deciding 💫💛 which direction you prefer to take!

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