Let Go of Emotional Pain and Embrace Positive Change

Do you want to know how to let go of emotional pain weighing you down? Do you want to let go of limiting beliefs and feelings of unworthiness that block you from embracing happiness? If so, my "LET GO AND EMBRACE CHANGE" workshop is for you.

Befriend Your Emotions to Heal Emotional Pain

We often avoid or suppress intense emotions because they feel overwhelming, especially from childhood traumas. However, denying or resisting emotions actually intensifies suffering. The path to letting go of emotional pain is developing compassion and allowing yourself to feel emotions fully in the body.

In this transformative workshop, I'll guide you through powerful mindfulness practices to:

  • Notice negative thought patterns perpetuating your emotional pain
  • Step back from the mind and tune into trapped emotions in the body
  • Befriend wounded inner parts with self-compassion and unconditional love

You Deserve to Feel Lighter and More Joyful

We manifest what we deeply believe about ourselves and the world. If you believe "I'm not good enough" or "I don't deserve happiness," you'll continually recreate struggle and limitation in your life.

My approach combines mind-body practices like breathing, visualization, and tapping to release locked emotional turbulence. As you open to self-loving presence, you can rewrite limiting beliefs. You'll learn to embrace: "I am worthy of joy and abundance."

Start Manifesting the Life You Crave

When you let go of constricting pain and self-judgment, you open to manifest your heart's desires — whether that's loving relationships, financial abundance, emotional healing, or a sense of life purpose.

During my workshop, you'll experience guided meditations to:

  • Vividly visualize living your ideal life
  • Feel the happiness and gratitude of already having your dreams realised
  • Thank the Universe for making this (or something better) your reality


The thoughts, beliefs, and energy frequencies you emanate shape your life experience. Liberating yourself from the shackles of emotional pain allows your true essence to blossom. You deserve to embrace the joyful, abundant life you crave!

Join Me to Learn How to Let Go of Emotional Pain and Embrace Change

You've already taken the vital first step — choosing to prioritize your wellbeing and happiness. I'm proud you're here because that willingness is crucial for transformation.

In our nurturing group setting, you'll experience compassionate tools and learn a manifesting practice you can apply day-to-day. I'll guide you to let go of what weighs you down, so you can soar into the life you want.

This workshop provides a sacred space to:

  • Gain self-awareness and process stuck emotional turmoil
  • Open to receiving love, worthiness and self-acceptance
  • Engage in a sacred conversation to manifest your desires

You've tolerated emotional pain long enough. It's time to embrace the positive change you deserve. Join me for this breakthrough experience!

What matter is your INTENTION to feel good (remember the willingness, the choice!!!!! ) and TO DO your spiritual PRACTICE, to be committed to your time for yourself, dedicating time for the conversation with your sacred space within.


Remember the lyrics from FIA ( Shedding Skins)

The moment I stop running
From the demons in my head
And instead I choose to love them
When saying yes to life
Both shadow and light
My suffering is done and I come alive


Let's start from HERE and BE PROUD for having already said YES to the call! Because you did it! 🙌

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