5 Simple Steps to Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed


5 Simple Steps to Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed

Do you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions, consumed by a sense of discomfort and confusion? However, when the burden feels too great and you don't know how to cope, follow these 5 simple steps to regain your inner calm

When Feeling Overwhelmed, the Mind Tries to Control

We feel unsafe when overwhelmed, and the mind slips into control mode. It frantically tries to find solutions, pinpoint reasons, and construct stories that only increase fear and activate the fight-or-flight response. This overloads the already exhausted nervous system.

Step 1: Stop

The first step when feeling overwhelmed is to simply STOP. Pause in the moment you realize the negative mind is taking over. Close your eyes and consciously STOP the overwhelm in its tracks.

Step 2: Breathe

Furthermore, with your eyes still closed, place one hand on your belly and take 5 deep breaths. Inhale deeply, silently saying "I am aware of my in-breath." Exhale fully, saying "I am aware of my out-breath." Feel the calming rhythm of your breath. (Watch my video to learn how to do belly breathing).

Step 3: Choose Love Over Fear

After this reset, open your eyes and choose LOVE over FEAR. Feeling overwhelmed stems from choosing fearful thoughts of judgment, separation, and inadequacy. Choose a thought that creates a better feeling, like:

"I am doing my best" "I am enough"

Your thoughts powerfully shape your emotional state, brain chemistry, and physical reality. As Bruce Lee said, "As you think, so shall you become." Choose loving thoughts wisely.

Step 4: Get Grounded

Bring your focus down to your feet to get grounded. This stabilizing shift allows you to release fears and anxiety into the nurturing Earth. Feel Mother Nature's supportive energy flow up and nourish you. You are one with the Earth. (Watch my video to learn how to ground).


Step 5: Free Your Spirit

Now it's time to do something uplifting that reconnects you with your joyful inner spirit. Sing, play music, draw, go for a walk, have a warm cup of tea, read an inspiring book, or journal. Nurture the playful, lighthearted part of yourself.

Regain Your Inner Calm with Mindful Overwhelm Relief

Feeling overwhelmed can come to an end if you want to

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