How to Feel Better Right Now: 3 Powerful Choices to Make


How to Feel Better Right Now: 3 Powerful Choices to Make

Do you often feel overwhelmed, anxious or stressed? Maybe you struggle with feelings of unworthiness or guilt for not being "perfect." If the pressures of work and home life have you feeling exhausted, it's time to make some conscious choices to start feeling better.

Choice #1: Radical Acceptance

The first step is to accept where you are right now and how you currently feel, without judgment. There is a powerful sense of liberation that comes from simply allowing your emotions to be, instead of resisting or fighting them.

When you accept your feelings of unease, you honor that there must be a reason you've been neglecting your own needs. Perhaps you've prioritized others for too long or strived to prove your self-worth. But that comes at the price of your wellbeing.

Practicing acceptance means meeting yourself with compassion, not harsh criticism. It creates space for your difficult emotions, rather than bottling them up. From this place of openness, you can then take wise action.

#2 How to Feel Better Tip: Take Responsibility

Rather than blaming others for your problems, take full responsibility for your own emotions and wellbeing. Ask yourself: "What is this situation showing me that I need to learn?"

Everything happening externally is simply a mirror of your inner world. So if the outside feels chaotic, the path to more clarity and calm begins within. When you make your inner longings and needs the highest priority, the external naturally aligns.

Breathwork, journaling, mindfulness and other self-inquiry practices can help you get in touch with your deeper wisdom and truth. From that centered place, you can then create the life you most want to live.

#3 The Easiest Way to Feel Better? Choose It!

Feeling good is a choice made in every moment - one you get to make over and over again. Commit to prioritizing your own emotional wellbeing above all else. Decide that feeling light, joyful and at peace matters most.

When you consciously choose to feel better, you open to seeing possibilities and solutions where before there were only limitations. Your mindset shifts from lack to abundance. And you begin taking actions aligned with what you most want.


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