5 thing to do when you feel overwhelmed

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5 thing to do when you feel overwhelmed

When we are overwhelmed by negative emotions, we feel a sense of discomfort and we are in a state of confusion. We don’t know what to do and how to deal with all that burden, we feel exhausted and don't know how to get out of this. We don’t have a road map to follow and all seems far too big for us to cope with.

The mind tries to control

We may feel unsafe in the body. The mind wants to control the uncontrollable and it does only creates anxiety and fears trying to figure it out, find solutions and reasons why. It creates only stories that increase the fear response in the body. It activates the fight or flight response overcharging the already exhausted nervous system.

WHAT TO DO – 5 thing to do when you feel overwhelmed

1 ~ STOP

The first thing to do is to STOP

stop and relax, cat sleeping


Simply stop in the moment you realise that the negative mind is taking you down to the dungeon…




Yes close your eyes put one hand in your belly and simply BREATH. Do it now. BREATH. Feel it.

Notice the air coming into your nostril and as you breath in repeat in silence:

I am aware of my in-breath

Then let the air filling up your belly like a balloon, your belly expand and becomes bigger. Then on the exhalation follow the air on the way out through your nostrils and repeat in silence:

I am aware of my out-breath

Repeat 5 times


Open your eyes and check how you feel after this energy reset. You may feel a little shift and possibly you may see things slightly on a different way.

Choose LOVE over FEAR.

This is the most important part as it’s where your higher self is called in. You feel overwhelmed because you have chosen a fearful thought, maybe you have judged yourself or others, or you have being trapped in the ego fearful mind which thinks that you are separate and alone to deal with all. Thankfully you have your body to show you the way. Your body emotional state is a map. If you feel low, emotionally down, if you feel a knot in your stomach, these are all signs that somewhere and somehow you have chosen Fear over Love.

be willing to face the fears of the past and move into new dimensions of love

Choose Again

You have now the possibility to choose again, which means, choose a better feeling thought to support your wellbeing. A better feeling thought is simply a thought that creates a better feeling response in your body, you simply feel a little bit better. It can be something like: I am doing my best at all times, I am on my journey of self healing and I am improving every day more and more, I am enough, I am a good person and I choose to be kind with myself now, all is well. 

As you may know, your thoughts carry energy, where your mind goes the energy follows, and you may already be familiar with the fact that your thoughts create emotions which ultimately affect your brain chemistry and your nervous system response. A simple example is if someone has a phobia of a spider, the simple thought of a spider in the room will create such a strong response on the emotional and physical body to create a cascade of effects like: shallow breathing, fast heart bit, muscle tension, high blood pressure, pupils dilate, sweating.

Choose wisely what you let into your mind. Be mindful, hyper vigilant and aware of your thoughts.

~ As you think, so you become ~ Buddha


One very quick thing to do is also to simply connect with your feet, bringing your mind, your focus, your attention down to the feet.

This focus will automatically bring the energy from the mind level (the head) down to the ground (the feet) and you will feel more stable and centred. You can then, set an intention to release all your fears and anxiety down and discharge them through the feet all the way down to the Earth. Let the Earth take from you what does not serve you anymore. Allow to let go of stress and allow you to be filled with new energy and feel the nourishment from Mother Earth flowing up to you.

You are connected, supported, nourished and one with the Earth.

Watch the video below to ground your energy.

Get energetically grounded

be joyful, kid laughs

5 ~ FREE SPIRIT in action

Now it’s time to take it more easily and do something that makes you feel happy: sing, take an instrument and play, draw, walk outside, drink your favourite cup of tea, read an inspiring page of a book, write your journal.

Retaliate time for you to connect with your inner self, with your higher self and do what makes you feel alive and happy. It’s about cultivating your relationship with your self, nourishing the part of you which is playful, lightful, joyful and wants to have fun, which is ultimately your true spirit in action.

Contact me if you need any support with this.