3 choices to make in order to feel better

3 choices to make in order to feel better

You may struggle with feeling of unworthiness, feel pressure at work, pressure at home and you may not be able to make everybody happy the way you would like to. You may feel a sense of guilt and judge yourself for not being perfect. You don’t have time for yourself, you feel exhausted.

The high expectation you put on yourself may lead you to stress and anxiety, IBS, sleep problems and other physical imbalances. What to do then? Start from taking some conscious choices.



Accept where you are and accept that you feel the way you feel. There is a lovely sense of liberation in this word, acceptance. When you accept something you drop the harmour, you stop the fight, you allow some quality of softness to flow in.

Accepting means allowing it to be, instead of resisting, rejecting it, fighting to fix it or wanting to change it and being resentful if you can't change it.

If you feel unease there must be a very good reason for that. Somewhere and somehow you have been neglecting yourself. Honour it. You may have always put others in front of you. You may have wanted to prove that you are good enough.. all of that comes with a price though…… your wellbeing!



Take the responsibility of your own wellbeing. You have the option to blame your partner for your problems, your boss for putting pressure, the world for what is throwing to you... or you have the chance and the option to look at yourself and do something with what is happening within you asking yourself "what is this showing me that I need to learn?".

Taking responsibility means understanding that the way you feel has a reason to be there and that something may need some understanding and compassion. It is a powerful tool that allows individuals to take control of their emotions and not be a victim of a situation.

One way to take responsibility for your emotions is to focus your attention within yourself instead of outside of yourself. It is important to remember that everything that happens on the outside of you is a mirror of what happens inside of you. Therefore, if the outside of you is a bit messy, the only way to put some clarity and order is to look within yourself.


Feeling good is a choice. Did you know that? Choose, decide and commit that you want to feel better. Maybe you have never thought of it in this way but feeling good is a conscious choice done in every single moment. Feeling good is a commitment to yourself. Feeling good should be your highest priority.

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